Woocommerce WebPay Gateway (Belarus)

Plugin wc_webpay_gateway is WebPay Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop and can be utilized for checkout with VISA and MasterCard bank cards in Belarus. This plugin extends the WooCommerce payment options by allowing you to accept payments via credit card on your on-line shop site Electronic payment system WEBPAYâ„¢ is comfortable and safe on-line payment tool for goods and services in Belarus. This is an opportunity to pay for the order immediately, using a plastic card VISA or MasterCard. Wc_webpay_gateway plugin allows to organize WebPay payment gateway for online store on Woocommerce quickly, easily and without any headache. After clicking “Place Order” customer is redirected to WebPay site to make secure payment. You can get detais here http://www.stseprounof.org/woocommerce-webpay-gateway/ plugin summarizes the order, prepares and sends all necessary order information to WebPay site; gets the result from the WebPay site whether transaction was successful or not; in case of successful payment, the order would automatically get "Processing" status and assigns it all transaction numbers; in case of problem with the payment, plugin sets the status "On Hold" to the order.