WordPress Flying Popups

WordPress Flying Popups plugin is based on my jQuery Flying Popup script, which allows to show flying popup with absolutely any HTML/image/Flash content inside, whether you show important info for your users, promo or banner with ad – it’s up to you.

Try it on demo site

Check a demo website, feel free to play with the plugin.
Admin credentials: demo / demo

Manage multiple popups on your website

Create popups, just as any other content on your WordPress website. You can create multiple popups, decide where and when to show them, attach multiple popups to links on your page etc. Popup visibility settings are as follow:
  • show on any page on a website
  • show on homepage only
  • show on selected pages/posts
  • insert popup trigger link directly in post content (using shortcodes)
  • Customization

    Popups are customized, just as the jQuery script allows (cookie based visibility, speed, position, fly direction, selfclose etc.)

    Predefined templates

    There are some popup templates you can use. Also you can easily add new ones and those will be available for you to create.