WP Flat Cost Estimation Form Creator


Create easily your own flat and responsive cost estimation popup form on your wordpress website .
This can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, pets, lunar fragments …. or anything else.
The user gets an accurate estimate of its request. The final estimation will be sent by email.


  • Fully responsive (even if your theme isn’t responsive !)
  • Dedicaced admin module
  • Fully manage Steps and Items
  • Customize colors, texts and currency
  • Items can be checkbox or pictures
  • Items can be grouped, required, selected by default, or have a negative cost
  • Items can be selected by quantities
  • Popup can easily be opened, using css class on link
  • The form can also be used as a template page (full screen)
  • Fast & easy import/export data system (images included !)
  • Reactive support !

  • Upload the plugin on your server
  • On the WP admin page, activate the plugin
  • Configure your settings, steps and items
  • Then, to show it as popup, simply add class=”open-estimation-form” to a link
  • Show the popup with css class : <a href="#" class="open-estimation-form" >Use the cost estimation tool !</a> Show the popup with JS : <script> popup_estimation(); </script> Or simply apply the Estimation Form template to a page


    2014-05-31 :
  • Items can now be selected by quantities ! (try the item “Database” on demo)
  • Option added to settings to skip introduction
  • Plugin name updated
  • Bug with some versions of mySQL fixed
  • Examples data are now included in the package, ready to be imported
  • 2014-05-30 :
  • Fast & easy import/export system for your settings, steps and items (including pictures)
  • Prices can now be negatives
  • Items can be selected by default
  • “Previous step” link
  • Now can be used as page template
  • Colors bug fix

    “Better than a simple form, this plugin will convert your visitors in customers.“
    – dynante “Awesome design based on the principle “less is more”!“
    – keyhanjun “Brilliant! Simply brilliant and unique. Have been looking for something like this forever…“
    – chrisparksaz “AMAZING! I was about to post a request for this on elance. Saved me the hassle“
    – naweedshams “Awesome!!!!!!!!!“
    – BrandDedication “This is something WOW”
    – vexy If you like this plugin, remember to vote !


    If you need help, contact me from my envato profile