WP Full Stripe Members - Add-on for WP Full Stripe

Make money from your WordPress website by creating subscriber only content

WP Full Stripe Members

A fully featured membership plugin add-on for WP Full Stripe that allows you to create protected content that only subscribed members are allowed to view.
Multiple membership tiers are available so you can offer different levels of membership, each one tied to a different subscription plan. Members have their own ‘My Account’ page that allows them to update credit card details, change their membership plan and cancel their account.
Be in total control of your protected content by simply selecting the option to make it subscriber only from the edit post page. WP Full Stripe Members seamlessly integrates with WP Full Stripe and will automatically create member accounts for customers who subscribe to membership plans that you define.


  • Create member only content available exclusively to paying customers
  • Seamlessly integrates with WP Full Stripe
  • Manage member roles and subscription plans from the dashboard
  • Multiple tiers of membership levels and option to allow member upgrades
  • Members ‘My Account’ page shortcode
  • Fully supported, professionally written and regularly updated software
  • Requirements & Compatibility

    This plugin is an extension (add-on) for WP Full Stripe and as such it requires WP Full Stripe to be installed, activated and setup in order to work. This plugin will not work without WP Full Stripe installed. This plugin was developed and tested on WordPress 4.0 and is also known to work on version 3.9. The plugin will be updated in the future if Wordpress updates any functionality it relies upon. It will also work with any theme and minimal styling has been added which means it will take on your installed theme’s styling.


    It is highly recommended you use SSL with this plugin to provide extra security for your customers. Note: you must buy an SSL certificate to use HTTPS on your web server.


    As always, there is full support available at:http://mammothology.com/forums