WP Posts Pro

WP Posts Pro is a wordpress plugin to create rules & layouts and display them on widgets or pages easily. Using this plugin, you need not to hire a programmer to do most of the work which you mostly need.

Reduce Your Programming Costs

This plugin handles most of the programming work you do to display posts in pages or sidebars. Below are steps –

Step 1 – Create Rules

Step 2 – Create a Layout and Assign Rules.

Step 3 – Display on Web Pages

How it Works

Rules & Layouts are power of this plugin. Rules helps you to what you want to display and Layouts let you choose most common layouts for blog posts listing. You can create a layout and apply any number of rules you want to apply on that.


We’re here to help you achieve your goals with this plugin. Just mail us and we’ll get back to in shorest possible time. For any help, feature request or to report a bug, you may contact me anytime And please rate this item as per your experience with it.


We’re requesting all visitors who purchased or not to send us features they want to see in next version. We’re very passionate about this product and willing it to make it worth for everyone.