WP Remote Post Replicator

WP Remote Posts Replicator is a premium WordPress plugin for replicating all types of posts across multiple remote websites. Normally if you have multiple websites and you want to replicate your posts to your other websites then it’s a lot of headache. Now using “WP Remote Posts Replicator” it’s just a 2 minutes configuration and your posts will be replicated automatically. WP Remote Posts Replicator can also be used for development purpose. This can replicate all type of post on their localhost/staging/live server. Features:
  • Allow Replicating of post from one website to another remote website.
  • Replicate Featured Image.
  • Replicate Categories.
  • Replicate Tags.
  • Replicate all taxonomy
  • Compatible with custom post as well.
  • Compatible with woocommerce products as well (currently not support all features).
  • Compatible the woocommerce gallery.
  • Pass Key protected.
  • Replicate selected post types instantly.
  • Allow post to replicate on multiple remote websites.
  • Allow not to replicating specific/selected post.
  • Show column in post table for replicated posts.
  • Change log: 2014.10.28 – version 1.0 * First Release.