Z - Wordpress Image Mapping Plugin

“Qual Z” is a unique WP image mapping plugin. Z gives you the power of creating layers and provide more information related to these layers. You can do the following actions with Qual Z:
  • Upload a panorama image.
  • Create a layer on that panorama image.
  • Drag and drop the layer across the panorama image.
  • Resize the layer to focus exactly where you want to focus.
  • Change color, thickness, background color or opacity related with that layer.
  • Give information related with that layer.
  • Add a map to the layer, if you want.
  • The images we used in the demo are under Creative Commons, here’re the links of the works:
  • New York Panorama
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Empire State
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Hope to add a value to your product! Qual Studio