Zip Code Checker


Version 1.0 • August 28, 2014 + First Release


  • Add,edit,delete: Add,edit zip codes and the status for delivery, COD along with custom message from admin panel
  • Bulk Import: Bulk import zip codes via CSV file
  • Widget: Add the widget to any location on your website for the user to search for Zip Codes

    This is a Wordpress plugin which gives functionality for the users on your website to search there zip codes and see if the delivery is possible in there area. Options available
  • Check if delivery is possible in a particular zip/pin code
  • Check if Cash on delivery(COD) is possible in particular zip/pin code
  • Custom message can be set along with with the result. e.g Products ships in 2 business days
  • Zip code information needs to be upload by admin, can be done via WordPress admin panel or Bulk import via CSV file, CSV sample format file attached

    We plan to add these features in upcoming releases, if you have suggestion, we would be happy to incorporate
  • Multi lingual supporting WPML
  • Search: option in plugin panel to search for particular pin/zip code
  • Bulk Delete: Delete all the data of the plugin in one shot
  • User icon: Admin can upload there own icons for delivery possible or not possible
  • CSV file: Support any kind of CSV file, currently system supports only MS DOS CSV file

    Search for following items to test the plugin
  • 125201
  • 127026
  • 110042
  • 123
  • adgfb

    Please feel free to get in touch with us through the form here for any questions.