Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce

Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce extension allows your customers to empty the shopping cart at once from the cart page of the store. This extension has been specially designed to ease the customers shopping experience by allowing them to empty the cart at once from the cart page.
With this extension a new Empty Cart button gets visible on the cart page of WooCommerce store. Customers can use this “Empty Cart” button to flush out all the cart products with a single click from the cart page. Extension saves the time of your customers by preventing to remove the products from one by one. One can easily customize the “Empty Cart” button to make it feasible to your store’s look and feel.
Version number: 1.1
Stability: Stable

Salient Features of the Extension
1. Extension adds a new Empty Cart button on cart page.
2. Extension Allows customers to empty the cart with a single click.
3. Extension saves customers time and improves their shopping experience.
4. It enhances the default cart functioning of WooCommerce store.
5. You can easily customize the “Empty Cart “button to match your store UI.