ExNet Tooltip Plugin


A versatile WordPress hover & click tooltip plugin for displaying custom HTML contents with CSS3 effects and jQuery animation. This tooltip plugin enables your website to display related information on keywords, links, Images, labels,... simply.
Usage is unlimited, Such as:
  • Dynamic tooltip contents using WordPress shortcodes and remote URL data.
  • Price table in WordPress ToolTips
  • Hover on image to see bigger preview tooltip
  • Features:

  • Future Publish and Expiration Date/Time: Best for using advertisements, time limited offers.

  • Unlimited ToolTips: Add items as much as much as you like.

  • Auto Embed Videos and Other Social Media with inline preview: blip.tv, DailyMotion, Flickr (both videos and images), FunnyOrDie.com, Hulu, Instagram, Qik, Photobucket, PollDaddy, Revision3, Scribd, SlideShare, SoundCloud, SmugMug, Twitter, Viddler, Vimeo, YouTube, WordPress.tv

  • Fully Customizable Via Options: Use your imagination to make use of this plugin.

  • Full Control Over HTML via WYSIWYG Editor: Build your custom HTML in WordPress Native editor.

  • Supports WordPress ShortCodes inside HTML contents.

  • Over 30+ CSS3 Animation plus jQuery effect and old browsers fallback.

  • Ability to Use as Snippet/AD Manager Tool: The idea of this feature is like signature at the end of emails.

  • Auto Generate ShortCodes: Each tooltip has its own settings and a shortcode to be used everywhere.

  • Supports Shortcodes as Content: Insert WordPress shortcodes in tooltip content and the results come out.

  • Supports Remote Data With Caching Option.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility: IE7-9, Chrome, Safari 4+, Opera and Firefox 4+

  • Pure css: No images but fallbacks for older browsers.

  • Free positioning: The popup code will be added to the document root so the position won’t be affected by your layout.

  • Custom options for each tooltip: You can have different popups with different options on one page if you like.

  • Single popup element: For best browsers compatibility and resource usage.

  • Auto position with preferred position option.

  • Export and Import tooltips.

  • And more…

  • Live Preview click here