Roots Video Surprize

Roots Video Surprize is a plugin that will allow you to display advertising videos in your website. You do not need to alter the design of your website or use popups. This plugin will allow you to assign a video to images. As soon as the page containing a video surprize is done loading, the image will be replaced with a promotional video. As soon as the video is done, the image will be displayed again. The plugin has 2 components to it, the stand alone, and the Visual Composer addon. Both have a user friendly admin panel, and you will be able to add promotional videos to your website without writing a single line of code. Advanced users will be able to write custom CSS code. In order to add a video surprize you need to:
  • Select a mp4 video, using media library.
  • Set a minimum width for the video player(this is optional, but could be usefull).
  • Set a URL you want to advertise. This URL will serve as a link that users will visit if they click the video.
  • Set a Title and a Description for the video. This meta information will be displayed above the player.
  • Set if the URL will be opened in the same tab/window or in a new tab/window.
  • Set custom CSS code for the title and the description.
  • See how it works Check out the Visual Composer addon admin panel Check out the stand alone admin panel