Fullscreen Touch Product Gallery for WooCommerce


Touch Product Gallery is a WordPress plugin that allows you to replace the default lightbox included with WooCommerce for the product gallery with a fullscreen gallery with touch and swipe support that looks great on mobile. You can choose to replace the gallery in all products or only on selected products. The visual controls allow you to completely customize the appearance so it fits the overall style of your site. You can also choose to enable the gallery only on mobile or only on desktop or both. To enable the gallery, just go to the plugin settings page and enable it there. Alternatively, you can leave it set to WooCommerce default lightbox and activate it for selected products with the control in the new meta box you’ll find when you edit a product.


  • Fullscreen gallery, with touch and swipe support
  • Font icons for crisp visualization in retina or other high density display
  • Activate once for all products or activate only on selected products
  • Choose to show it only on mobile, or only on desktop or both
  • Easily customizable through visual controls
  • Write custom styling directly in the plugin settings to have your settings always safe during updates.
  • Enter custom JavaScript directly in the plugin settings and keep them safe during updates.
  • Developers can benefit from WordPress filters and JavaScript events included
  • Fully translatable
  • Complete spanish translation included
  • Good documentation and prompt support
  • Access the support forum

    Assistance is provided exclusively through the support forum. If you need help with customization, come to the support forums!

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