WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals

What is Woocommerce Group & daily deal

Do you ever wonder if you can integrate the functions and feature of popular group deal websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial into your wordpress woocommerce? Here it is :
Woocommerce Group & Daily Deals is a wordpress woocommerce plugin that integrate and works with the woocommerce plugin to add the feature of group & daily deals which means that you can set a deal at a specific time and make that deal success only if certain number of buyers bought you product in a certain duration of time. Thus, you can create a win-win situation for between you, the seller and the buyer as it create a discount which will only be available if certain number of buyers which you set purchase the deal.
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Function and Features

Maximum and Minimum Quantity You are able to set the minimum quantity and maximum quantity of this deal. If you set the minimum quantity, the deal was not on or successful until the number of purchase of the minimum quantity have been reached, you can found out whether the deal is success or not in the Group Deal Report. If the maximum quantity is inserted, this means that the deal will not be available after this amount of quantity have been purchase. After the maximum quantity have been reached, the product will either execute another deal set by the user(if condition match) or return back the price as usual. Different types of order You are able to set different types of order for each deals including percentage offer, which means that the product will be discount at a percentage rate that user inserted. User are also allowed to set price discount, which the original price is subtracted with the price that inserted. Lastly, fixed price which user set a fix price to the product. Different Category of Customer User can select whether the deal is apply to all customer, specific types of group or a specific user. For example, the user can set a price so that the deals offer are only applicable to VIP customer during your web site anniversaries. Scheduled Deals User are able to schedules their deals and result between a certain date only. A great scenario is you can set the deals offer for only one day during your country national day through our “date start” and “date end” field. Detail Reports The plugins will generate report for every group deals that are created. The group deal report are created so that the user can have an idea about all the successful, unsuccessful and running but not yet reach deals. The group deal report list down the order id of the purchase of the deal so that the user are able to refund the customer if the target of the deal is not reached or unsuccessful. Customizable User are able to customize their front end display of the deals of the product. They are able to make changes to the language to the countdown timer, price table, etc. Translation Ready The plugins is made with the feature of translation ready so that user can translate the plugins to the web site language. They can customize and make changes to every words and sentence that generated by the plugins in the front end. Responsive This plugins works gracefully and seamlessly on different themes on different devices including PC, mobile and tablets.


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Change Log

ver 1.0.0 Initial Realease!