FWTube: Forced to Watch an Embedded Youtube Video


Easily hide partial or all of your premium content from your users until they finished watching an embedded Youtube video.


  • Suitable for: landing page with free giveaway, learning site, site with freemium content, and much more…
  • Your premium content will be hidden until user  finished watching your Youtube Video
  • Hide partial or all of your content in any page or post
  • Hide anything you want from your post or page
  • Your content won’t show in Source View
  • Content will stay hidden if user deactivate javascript or cookie
  • Set your video to autoplay
  • Remove the Information bar or Control bar from the Youtube Player
  • Easy to use with simple shortcode
  • Easy to setup, less than 2 minutes to setup.
  • Costumizable message
  • Requirements

    Wordpress 4.3 or newer (older versions may work but they have not been tested).


  • FW-Tube may not work together with cache system (plugin, CDN, cloudflare, etc).
  • FW-Tube may not work together with my FATS: Force Adblock to Stop plugin with Global Show and Global Lock enabled.
  • Locking A Content

    1. Create your post as usual.
    2. Wrap your locked content with FWTube shortcode.
      This is your public content [fwtube id="XXXX " width="560" height="315" autoplay="false" info="false" control="false"] This is your hidden content [/fwtube] This is your public content.
    3. Notes:
    4. XXXX is your Youtube Video ID
    5. You can set the width and height to your needs (Default width: 560, height: 315).
    6. You can set autoplay to true (Default autoplay: false).
    7. You can set infobar to true to show top information bar (Default info: false).
    8. You can set control to true to show bottom control bar (Default control: false).
    9. You can use image or other media inside the FWTube shortcode.
      If you want to show a video without locking any content, you can wrap nothing inside the FWTube shortcode and position it to your likes.
    10. Save your post.

    Looking for something else?

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