Google Maps Neighborhood Walker for Wordpress

Why you need this Wordpress plugin?

  • You want to show relevant places near your location, for example if you have: Apartment, Hotel, Hostel etc.
  • Your clients want to know distances and walking time to near Restourants, ATM, Petrol, Park, Ambulance
  • You don’t have time to enter all places manually?
  • You don’t have special coding skills, only standard Wordpress editor skills?
  • Maybe you want some configuration options like change icons, available categories, map style etc?
  • If at least one of the answers is yes, please check out live preview and you’ll love it.

    About plugin

    Elegant fully responsive Wordpress plugin to view places near your/wanted location (restourants, parks, real estate agencies, gym, stores etc…) with calculate/show route, distance and walking time to near place. You don’t need to enter near places manually, places are auto detected based on Google Places. Plugin can be added as Shortcode or Widget to Wordpress website and easily can be configured via Administration… Tehnical and user documentation

    Plugin is fully responsive


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