Issue Master

Issue Master is a WordPress plugin that provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions.
Issue Master allows to:
  • Enable effective and efficient collaboration on issue resolutions.
  • Assign responsibility and monitor progress from start to finish.
  • Define, categorize, tag and relate issues, projects, and members.
  • Deliver quick and easy access to the information needed.


    Easy Setup and Simple to Use

    After you install our plugin you will see our setup assistant which creates all the required pages, ready to use.

    Responsive Design

    Track issues and projects , anywhere , anytime , any device using the beautiful interface.

    Unlimited Projects / Unlimited Issues / Unlimited Members

  • Drag-and-drop admin interface for sorting, creating/saving complex filters, and ordering columns.
  • Contextual highlighting from issues.
  • Set issue priority, status, category, browsers and operating system and assign tags to better organize and categorize issue content.
  • Set project status and priority taxonomies.
  • Assign multiple issues to projects.
  • Projects may share issues.
  • Assign multiple members to projects.
  • Assign multiple issues to members.
  • Issues could be participated by many members such as test(qa) analyst, developer, business analyst, etc..
  • Quick and Easy Issue Creation , Beautiful Twitter Bootstrap Forms

    User-friendly, ajax-enabled forms make it easy for people to quickly add issues. Create and search issues from backend and frontend.

    Custom Issue commenting system

    Custom commenting system separates issue comments from standard post/page comments. Issue Comments are displayed in a dedicated menu page in the admin area. In the frontend, threaded commenting is available and the latest comment is marked to better locate comment history.

    Custom Taxonomy Views for Issues, Projects and Members

    Custom taxonomy views are designed to better match all-around Issue Master user interface. Contextual coloring is used for priority taxonomy for faster finding of important issues.

    Role based content access Client and Manager areas

    Issue Master provides access to content based on a user’s role in your organization. A role defines a set of tasks a user is allowed to perform and is assigned to a user when he or she registers into the system. Project Managers can access all issues, projects and member profiles whereas Clients can only access to issues and projects assigned to or participated by them.

    Email Notifications

    Email notifications can be enabled/disabled or the email templates can be updated from the plugin specific settings page anytime. Builtin notifications are available for new issues and each comment addition.

    Sidebar and Dasboard Widgets

    The following sidebar and dasboard widgets are available.
  • Recent issues sidebar
  • Recent issue comments sidebar
  • Recent projects sidebar
  • Recent issues dashboard
  • Translation Ready

    Issue Master can be translated into any language by editing issue-master-emd-plugins.pot and issue-master.pot files.

    Many more advanced features are available

  • File attachments for Issues.
  • Photo attachment for Members.
  • Import issues,projects and members from CSV.
  • Export existing issues, projects and members by creating a CSV file.
  • Settings Page with Glossary and Notification Setup.
  • Check out Issue Master Demo and Documentation for details.