PopOut Content For Wordpress


Set pop out content – any html – pop in or out on timers.
  • Set pop out content for wordpress
  • Can be any html
  • Pop in or out on timers when the page loads
  • Set open or close on page load
  • Choose from over 750 icons or set your own custom icon.
  • Set icon color and background color
  • Set left or right side and fixed or absolute positioning
  • Works on most major browsers and mobile devices(not Opera).
  • Uses pure HTML . Just add a div with the class of “poc-item” and set the option data attributes like in the example below
  • * Not all shortcodes will work correctly inside the popout boxes.


  • data-state=”closed” – closed or open on page load
  • data-open-time=”12000” – time until auto open on page load
  • data-close-time=”6000” – time until auto close on page load
  • data-width=”500px” – Width when open
  • data-height=”500px” – Height when open
  • data-top=”43%” – Position from top of page.
  • data-icon=”icon-soundcloud” – Icon class or url of your icon image.
  • data-side=”left” – left or right side of page.
  • data-positioning=”absolute” – Set positioning. Can be absolute or fixed(move with the page scroll or be permanently set.
  • data-bgcolor=”#FF3700” – Popout background color.
  • data-icon-color=”#2ABBAA” – Color of the icon(if using the preset icons.)
  • data-fontsize=”15” – Font size of icon in pixels(if using the preset icon classes).
  • Example html code

    <div class=”poc-item” data-state=”closed” data-open-time=”12000” data-width=”500px” data-height=”240px” data-top=”43%” data-icon=”icon-soundcloud” data-side=”left” data-positioning=”absolute” data-bgcolor=”#FF3700” data-icon-color=”#FFFFFF” data-fontsize=”15”> <h5>Content inside</h5><p>some inner content. Can be any html etc content.</p> </div>