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PTBuilder v1.0Wordpress Drag & Drop Page Builder PTBuilder is perfect solution for fast page editing in wordpress editor. It comes with 14 predefined Bootstrap 3.+ based elements. It is fast and very flexible. You can easy extend elements or modify them. Elements are very flexible with extendable options for each custom made elements.

PT Builder – Wordpress Drag & Drop Page Builder

For Regular Users You do not need to know code in order to use, create pages with PTBuilder. For Developers PTBuilder is made for developers, beginners and gurus. Easy To Extend With Your Custom Elements Extend PT builder element list easily to suite your needs. Full Control Over Elements Options Elements options can be easily extended so they can add whatever field may need for custom elements. Lightweight & Superfast Very fast with lightweight graphic PT Builder offer easy and less frustrating experience with creating and editing pages. Manage Your Templates Manage your page/post/custom post type templates in order to create them faster. For Developers PTBuilder is made for developers, beginners and gurus. Add Section First Allow to create sections first, full width or boxed so you can develope any kind of websites. Based On Bootsrap Based on bootstrap so if you are familiar with bootstrap this will be piece of cake. Custom CSS Add custom CSS to the page using state of the art CSS editor. Join The Party Start developing elements for PTBuilder and publish it on CC.


Current version: v1.0

8.25.2014. - v1.0 + Main release