Section Sharer - Social Share Selected Text

Section Sharer is a WordPress Plugin that is being triggered when a visitor selects content in your site. Once Text is being selected, an elegant, modern element will show up and suggest to the visitors to share (or send as an email) the selected content. Section Sharer works and looks great out of the box, but also comes with great ways to customize its look an functionality.

Section Sharer Lets You

  • Set a Threshold for triggering the Sharer, based on the number of characters.
  • Choose from the 8 most popular social and bookmarking networks.
  • Allow your visitors to share the content through an email.
  • Add Title, and introduction text to the sharer.
  • Encapsulate the Sharer on 3 levels : Site level, Page Level and DOM Level.
  • Sharer Usage

    Implementing Section Sharer is done completely through the back end in a very simple and intuitive way. All Backend options are already set up to do their magic out of the box. You can furthermore modify them to your liking.


    I’ll do my best to provide quick and free support to any question you might have. moreover, I’ll be happy to add any feature you find missing, and/or quickly fix any bug you might encounter.