QRcode wizard TinyMCE 4 for WP

QRcode wizard TinyMCE for Wordpress

WARNING can only be used with Wordpress 3.9 or higher
A simple QRcode wizard for inserting QRcodes into your pages. This plugin use the API from api.qrserver.com and not the depreciated API from Google. All QRcodes will be saved into your uploads dir for optimized speed and if something happenings with the API your site will still be running.
After installing a new button will appear in the WYSIWYG (tinyMCE 4) editor from Wordpress.
When using a color it will remember the color settings (and size with a cookie) so you don’t have to set the color again when making more then one QRcode image.

More formats ?

If you want more formats you can easily add them your self by editing the qrcode.html
See FAQs
Also check out this wiki about formats


Demo is the non WP version
Here a video for the Wordpress demo
Here a Wordpress output demo


First 1.0 release (aug 11 2014)