RulesEngine is a wordpress plugin used for defining rules for Pages, Posts, Categories, Themes, Widgets and URL Redirection. RulesEngine follows “define once and use in many ways” strategy, which enables admin to define the logical rules at once by using rule criteria such as User Role, User Profile, Mobile Device, Tablet, Geo location, Date and Time, Request URL, Browser Type etc and uses them in defining the rules for Page, Post, Category, Theme, Widget and URL Redirection. Using RulesEngine we can define a rule by 9 different categories like User Role, User Profile, Pages, Posts Geo location etc, 21 subcategories like Email, Registered Date, Country, Date and Time etc and with 8 conditions like equals, not equal, greater than etc. In future relases many more are going to come. Features: Define simple rule like role as Administrator. Define complex rule using logical “AND” “OR” and “Brackets” . (e.g: like role is Administrator and Country is USA and Month is January etc, see sreenshots.) See Logical rule section for more info. Define rules for Pages. Define rules for Post. Define rules for Categories. Define rule for Widgets. Define rules for Themes. Define rules for Redirection. Add dynamic content to Pages and Posts. Add dynamic images to Pages and Posts. Generate dynamic Shortcode for Page or Post rules. Define a dynamic hook using Rules Engine which will be called by plugin once the rule is satisfied. User Friendly easy-to-use Ajax interface. Reduces development effort and easy to maintain. Activate or Deactivate rule using the admin UI. Access the status of the logical rule using the utility method in the code. RulesEngine::is_rule_valid(“Rule Name”);