SEO Plus — Search Optimize Your WordPress Website

SEO+ is the easiest and fastest solution for optimizing your WordPress website for the search engines. With all the built in tools you’ll need, your website will soon overpower its competitors.


  • Mass Content Optimization — Change meta tags for all your posts on one single page.
  • Theme Validation — Check your theme for fatal search optimization errors.
  • SEO Statistics — Quick statistics for your website, and additional statistics for each individual page and post.
  • SERP Position — Check the SERP position of any page or post.
  • Visual Sitemap Builder — Drag-and-drop sitemap builder. Doesn’t get any easier than that.
  • SEO Reports — Generate SEO reports using a modified version of SEO Snake.
  • Page Speed Insights — Specific details on how you can speed up your webpages, for both mobile and desktop.
  • W3C Validation — Check your website for HTML errors and warnings.
  • Link Building — Automatically turn phrases or words into hyperlinks.
  • Google Analytics — Add your Google Analytics code to be included in the WordPress site footer.
  • Social Statistics — Quick social media statistics from multiple social networks.
  • 301 Redirection — Simple 301 redirection without any confusion or hassle.
  • Backlink Generation — Generate high PageRank backlinks automatically.
  • Sitemap Submission — Click a button and your sitemap gets submitted instantly.
  • AccuRank — Far more accurate PageRank estimation, created by us.
  • 404 Error Tracking — View the 404 error links for your website.
  • Referrer Tracking — Find out where your visitors are coming from.
  • AccuRank

    AccuRank is a premium feature included in this plugin. Google PageRank is updated a few times per year (usually), and is a whole number between 0 and 10. AccuRank is a more accurate PageRank estimation, updated every few days, and is a decimal number ranging from 0.0 and 10.0. If your AccuRank is 2.5, then the chances are, next time the Google PageRank is updated, your PageRank will be 2 (round down your AccuRank).


    This is a lightweight plugin. Here’s the recommended server requirements:
  • PHP 5.2 or newer
  • PHP Safe Mode Disabled
  • Live Demo

    You can view a live demo at Please note, most functions in this demo have been disabled for security reasons. In addition, any changes you make will not be saved.


    Online documentation is available at