Taggr - Interactive Image Builder for Wordpress

Taggr – The most complete interactive image builder

What is Taggr

Taggr is an interactive image builder which let you make your static image interative when you clicked on those images. It is the most complete interactive image builder available. Unlike other interactive image out there, which only allow you to tag your image in a predefined or fixed pin that they provide,you can tag your image at anyshape you want, including square, circle and polygon. On top of that you can upload your own pin or use our predefined pin to tag the image.

What you can do with taggr

You can tag any shape on your images and add any type of element to the Div Box that popup when your click on the area that you tag. The Element that you can included include:



Content/ Text Block

Social Content



How to add tag on taggr

  1. Upload your image
  2. Select your tag shape
  3. Tag your image
  4. Add element to the divBox that pop up.
  5. Save the changes and see the magic happens

Why choose Taggr?

  • For WordPress – no coding knowledge required
  • Enable any static image to become interactive easily
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Add any shape of tag you want
  • Able to add elements such as Videos, Images, social link, text block and HTML
  • Wordpress 4.x.x Ready
  • Responsive. The image tagged by Taggr is responsive, that means you are able to use it on all the devices including laptops, mobile phones and tablet
  • You can upload your own pin to tag the image if you like to or choose from our pin gallery
  • Drag and Drop Element.You are able to adjust the position of the element of the popup box that appears when the tags are clicked
  • Enable you to customize the color of the
  • Examples

    You can view the some amazing works that we done with Taggr here



    Even though Taggr is available with all browser on the front-end but we strongly encourage our user to use browser other than IE(internet explorer) such as Opera, Chrome and Firefox on the backend