VideoShow Embed Video Playlist Player

Fully Responsive Touch Enabled Wordpress Embedded Video Playlist Player. Load videos from 6 of the most popular video hosting services including vimeo, wistia, dailymotion and youtube plus screenr and ustream(some limitations). Load unlimited number of videos per player. Add playlist buttons to allow the user to load different videos into the player. Custom scrolling video thumb sidebar with touch capabilities. Super easy shortcode to create the player. Just set the host and add the video ids. Customizable sizes and accent color. Over 750+ iconmoon icons for use with the playlist buttons. Create unlimited players per page. Note/Limitations: Only one host(vimeo,youtube etc) per playlist player. The screenr and ustream players use actual embed players for the video thumbs and they do not load correctly in mobile devices. Therefore I deem these hosts un compatible with IOS or Andriod devices. Vimeo,Wistia, youtube and dailymotion work correctly in mobile browsers.