WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifier

Back In Stock Notifier Plugin is an extension of WooCommerce Plugin used to notify by email the users who subscribed for Back In Stock Notification, when the product comes Back In Stock.


  • Automatically notify by email when product comes Back In Stock.
  • Turn the interested visitors into customers using the Back In Stock Notifier.
  • Lists the number of subscribers to be notified for each Product using which you can understand the Product Priority for Restocking.
  • Option to clear Back In Stock Notify List after successful notification.
  • Error Message customization options.
  • Back In Stock lists subscribers in each Single Product page.
  • Mail subject and message are customizable in Admin Settings.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Support

    If you have any problems or need help for this Plugin, contact us by Comments or Register and open a support ticket on our site.


    Version1.0 - Initial Release