WooCommerce Checkout Customizer

WooCommerce Checkout Customizer will help you to customize the default WooCommerce Checkout page and make it look the way you want so this page can become an easy step-by-step checkout. The most rated eCommerce stores use WooCommerce Checkout Customizer and their customers are happy as purchase process has become significantly accelerated!

Plugin features are listed below:

  • Horizontal & Vertical menu orientation
  • Left & Right menu orientation
  • Every element can be customized
  • Different styles can be applied
  • Steps you don’t need can be disabled
  • Logging in can be a separate step if authorization is needed for a purchase
  • Form validation for every step
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (creating custom step)
  • Changing steps order
  • Accept terms & condition checkbox can be enabled for every step
  • Responsive
  • Additional style (line wizard)
  • Ability to switch steps
  • Ability to rename steps
  • Changelog

    1.0 (March 28 2014) * First release