Woocommerce Custom Text and Elements

Creates and Adds in custom html text , images , shortcodes in 20 location of your woocommerce store . Using the plugin Can be created and added : Add Styled html text Add images , galleries, videos Add Woocommerce Shortcodes or Any other type of shortcode as: Contact form,Banners,Sliders , Notice , Call to action and much more …..... Using the html editor to for each place you can add all those elements in your woocommerce pages in 20 Different Locations/Positions : 4 places in Shop/Catalog Area
Before Shop Items
After Shop Items
Before Shop Single Item
After Shop Single Item
3 places in Single Product Area
Before Single Product
After Single Product Summary
After Single Product
4 places in Cart Area
Before Cart
After Cart Table
After Cart Totals
After Cart
3 places in Checkout Area
Before Checkout
Before Order Checkout
After Checkout
2 places in My Account Area
Before My Account
After My Account
2 places in Order Area
Order Page After Payment
Single Order Page
2 places in Login Area
Before Login Form
After Login Form
Documentation link : http://gema75.com/CustomTextandElements/woocommerce_custom_text_and_elements_documentation/