WpCourses Pro

WpCourses is a plugin for Wordpress that manages online school. With it you can sell your course using WooCommerce, and generate your classes with Moodle. The WpCourses was designed to perform mundane tasks of day-to-day, facilitating the management and esoclas online training center. The WpCourses Pro can do for you: - Create edit course in Moodle direct by Wordpress - Manage classes for courses - Manage enrollment and direct access by Wordpress. - Sell ??your course using the WooCommerce plugin - Synchronize data of users of Wordpress with Moodle - Central student - facilitate the lives of their students. - Auto login in Moodle in 3 modes. Let your students to study in Moodle within Wordpress, improving the design of your site. - and more. See free version in https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpcourses/ See online documentation http://coldecoding.com/support/wpcoursespro/ (documentation include in zip pack)