WooCommerce Free Shipping Notification

Encourage your customers to spend more, by notifiying them how much more they need to buy, in order to qualify for Free Shipping. Everyone loves free stuff and your customers will be happy to buy some more products from your shop, if they know that the shipping will be free for them. This plugin adds a native WooCommerce notification to your shop, that notifies the customers of the amount left to qualify for Free Shipping. It is completely integrated with the WooCommerce Free Shipping method and the native WooCommerce notification API, so you set it once and then it handles all the notifications automatically, depending on the Free Shipping method configuration. Since it is integrated with the WooCommerce Notification API, the notifications will always look like part of your WooCommerce Theme. If you don’t want to bother your customers with the notfications everywhere in your shop, they can be limited to be visible on the Cart and Checkout pages only. That way before checking out the customers are reminded to return and buy more. If you prefer, you can disable the notifications and use a widget instead… or both. The plugin has complete AJAX support with nice fading notification changes for both the notification and the widget.